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The 5-Day Workshop

The 5 Key Ingredients to Success,

Take the first step towards transforming your business and your life.

The founder, Terry Morrill, will present a new way to view contracting, utterly different from how most contracting companies operate.  This new system and software is the culmination of over 20 years of codifying procedures that can create multi-million companies without a degree in business. It will take hard work and dedication, but you will reach your destination if the principles are applied.

There are the five main reasons why 95% of all contractors fail to create a company of value. By this, we mean a company that can be sold, or the owner can receive a six-figure income while not actively involved with daily operations.

All Workshops are at 3 pm PST and last 90 minutes.
  • Contractors underestimate the time that it takes to build a business. Find out how you can not only create the time but can create a program to move forward.

  • What step to take next is always a dilemma. Find out how to solve this.
  • Learn the successful systems of how to manage your customer’s flow from the initial lead through the sale to the final installation. This is your pipeline. There is a workable system to pass the lead to the sale the installation without you having to do all the actions.

  • Learn how to track and measure the correct volume needed on your pipeline and how to rectify it when it’s falling short and how to spot missing parts of pipelines.
  • Organizing, categorizing, and tracking financial and production numbers has always been a problem and very time-consuming.

  • Learn an easy way to categorize and track your numbers.
  • The Lie- There is a fundamental falsehood in all estimating systems. Learn what it is and how it wreaks havoc with managing a company.

  • Learn how to estimate and set up your company to avoid this fatal flaw.

  • Learn the dangers of how most estimating and management systems give wrong answers and how to avoid them.
  • Summarize and putting it all together.

  • Learn how to move forward in your contracting business to attain your goals.

Price – $497

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The Contractor's Assessment

As Unique as Your Company,

We take a deep dive into your business, processes and numbers, and give you a real plan for growth and success.

Building a multi-million-dollar company is no small task; it involves putting a structure in place of systems and procedures that will result in profitability and growth. At AIMM, we help contractors build the necessary systems and procedures to grow their business and become more profitable. We start this process by working with our clients to gain a complete picture of how their business is currently operating.

Once we have gathered the necessary data, we can make quality, objective recommendations about the Client’s business and help them start on the journey to improve their businesses and lives.  We call this initial evaluation service the Contractor Assessment.

 We begin by collecting data from the company’s owner about their current operation, personnel, systems, procedures, and financial records.  We then have a series of meetings to review each area and gain a full understanding of the company’s operations as well as the specific goals and objectives of the owner and other decision-makers.

AIMM will analyze all the above and present their findings, by providing the following:

Price – $997

Business Foundation Program

A 12-Week Intensive Program,

We focus on getting your business fundamentals on track. A key objective is to improve profitability immediately.

The Business Foundation Program (BFP) is a 12-week intensive business training program.  This program will focus on business fundamentals – including operational, financial, and production training.  The Client will receive all necessary software, materials, and tools to conduct this training.

The program starts with the deliverables from the Contractor Assessment (CA), where the AIMM Consultant will now have a full understanding of the Client’s current operation, personnel, systems, and procedures.  After that, the Client will be trained on using the proprietary AIMM System software to build out the operational elements of their company. These elements include the marketing, sales, and production pipelines, structuring their finances and creating a budget, estimating procedures, organizing, scheduling, and training crews, setting job profit goals, and using the Week At A Glance tool to know how much money is made each day.

A key objective of the BFP will be to improve profitability immediately.  The results of the Contractor Assessment will have identified at least one key area where this is possible.  The Client and their AIMM Consultant will work on this objective until completion.  This will allow the Business Foundation Program to be a self-funding investment.

The client and their AIMM Consultant will meet each week. The weekly meetings will consist of:
Aside from the software, the client will also be given access to training materials and tools to help their business grow and succeed. These include:

Price – $5,000

AIMM Software

A Revolutionary Suite,

Tools to Help You Track Jobs, Customers and Know If You Made Profit Every Day.

Our software was created by working contractors, and has been used to manage and grow our parent company for decades. We have the only system that shows you on a daily basis if you’re making money on every job, even if you have dozens going on at the same time! We’ll show you how! Easily and Accurately.

A Few of the Features Include:

Finding a CRM that has all the tools that contractors need to run their business can be challenging. Even if you find something, the learning curve can be so steep that it’s hard to use it on a daily basis. That’s why we created our own. The AIMM CRM is fully tailored to the contracting industry and is easy to use. AIMM System helps you track your leads throughout your business so nothing is missed and your marketing dollars are well spent

Price: $59/month

Price – $500/month

Peer Groups

Working As a Team,

Our Members Help Each Other and Compare Programs, Tips and Data.

This is the last step of the program. Once you have the software up and running, have learned the basic principles of the AIMM system, and have a program to move forward, you can join a Peer Groups.  Each group has members. Within that group, there will be 3 teams, or each member will have a buddy. You can compare information, successful and failed programs, sales, and marketing tips and financial and production data.

Each buddy will be from a different geographic area but will be in the same basic trade and the same relative size.

An AIMM coach will monitor the bi-monthy meetings. The principal purpose of these meetings is to help one work towards the targets they’ve created for themselves to build a multi-million dollar company.  The group members can keep each other accountable for these targets.

There are thousands of documents, checklists, job descriptions, forms to start and complete jobs that can be used and shared.

Having a non-competitive partner with the same ambitions and goals can be very fruitful.

Price – $500/month

AIMM Marketing

From Campaign to Close,

We Help You Get More Sales and Profit, Not Just Empty Leads and Promises

AIMM Marketing does things differently. We’re the only marketing agency focused on getting you sales, not just empty leads and promises.

AIMM Marketing specializes in creating personalized marketing plans for contractors. By offering an à la carte approach to our services, we can custom-tailor your marketing plan to your specific needs- so you’re never left paying for what you don’t need. 

Our marketing team specializes in all areas of marketing for contractors. Our team of in-house marketers have 20+ years of experience successfully marketing in the contracting industry.

Some of the services we offer include:

This package entails a custom tailored website concurrent with the clients specific needs. We first start by creating a website design prototype. This includes competitor research and analysis and heat mapping. Once approved, we move on to building it. Before your new site goes live we link it to your marketing tools and rigorously test the usability, functionality and responsiveness of your new site.

Website Creation Includes: 

Web design

Mobile design

Responsive Site Implementation

Heat mapping

Site speed optimizations

Service forms created

Web Hosting

Live Chat Implementation (optional)

*Copywriting available for an additional charge

Price: One-time payment of $2,500-$5,000 depending on specific needs

We help you take control of your business with our comprehensive maintenance package. Want to add a new blog to your site? Need a report on how well your organic traffic is doing? No problem! We offer a white glove approach to managing your website so you don’t have to worry.


Maintenance Features: 

Monthly Statistics 

Keyword implementation

Reporting and Analytics

Reputation Monitoring

24hr turn around on web changes (up to 5 changes/month hourly charges after)

Price: $500/per month

We specialize in Pay Per Click Advertising for the contracting industry. Our team is well-versed in creating successful PPC campaigns to target your specific customer demographic. Using the latest technology, we are able to see what keywords would be beneficial to target for your industry and create a specific plan to help you rank for them. From there, we create an ad plan that will lead the best ROI for your business. We handle all of the below PPC Ad types:


PPC Package Features:

Keyword Research and Analysis

Google My Business Accounts created

Search Ad creation

Remarketing Ads

Display Ad Creation (optional)

Landing Pages created

Ad daily management


Price: 15% of Ad spend  

Ad budgets under $5,000 per month is a $750/month minimum

Search engine optimization is the backbone of website marketing. Without a strong foundation and a team well-versed in SEO in your particular field, your advertisements can be D.O.A. We help you get your website seen by real customers and build brand awareness in your community. From content creation to website optimization, we can help you increase and capitalize on the leads coming into your site.


SEO Package Features:

H1 and Meta Tag Implementation

Website analysis

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research

Back-link audit

Business Profile Listings Creation

Keyword optimization

Positive Back-link creation

Monthly content creation

Press releases created


Price: $1,500 per month

In 2021, an online and social presence is crucial in all areas of business. The average customer wants to connect on a personal level to the business they want to patronage. We can help you stand out from the rest of the crowd and capture your audience’s attention. We can help you grow your brand awareness and generate a new functioning lead source.


Social media is also a great way to engage with the community and share announcements and updated about your company. We offer setup and management service to keep your presence fresh and modern.


Social Media Management Includes:

Platform Setup

Weekly social media posts per site

Brand Awareness setup

Landing Page set up

*Additional posts and content creation available upon request


Price: $500 flat rate setup / $500 per month 

Keeping your customer base up to date on services and promotions is a great way to turn cold leads hot. We can help set your company up with an email campaign service and create targeted emails for each step in your sales funnel. We can help create engaging content and repetitive interaction with your audience to make sure no hard-earned lead slips through the cracks.


Email Marketing Includes: 

Email marketing platform implemented 

Automatic email campaigns created and implemented 

Weekly Email blasts

Email customer lists available


Price: $1,000 per month 

In this day and age, having a strong presence on review platform sites is vital. On average, 48% of potential customers check Yelp in particular before visiting a business. Yelp, Houzz and other review platforms are a tremendous lead source to capitalize on. However, it can be difficult to get your companies profile established with enough positive reviews to make an impact with a homeowner. 

We can help establish your brand across review platforms so you can start generating leads organically. Through our program, you can start accruing 5-star reviews on a weekly basis and increase your leads dramatically. 


Our Yelp Package includes:

Profile set up across review sites

5-Star review staff training program

Negative review management

Ads created (optional)


Price: $1,000 set up fee  / $500 per month

Facebook Advertising is a fast growing advertising platform that enables you to target customers within your demographic on their own turf. Facebook advertising helps you grow your brand awareness and enables you to connect with potential customers that have yet to engage with your business. You are also able to prequalify leads with forms so your internal admin staff can have all the data they need to set an appointment. 


Facebook Ad Package Includes:

Facebook business account creation

Create lookalike audiences created

Split test advertisements 

Daily Ad management


Price: 15% of Ad spend  
Ad budgets under $5,000 per month is a $750/month minimum

AIMM Bookeeping

From Campaign to Close,

We Help You Get More Sales and Profit, Not Just Empty Leads and Promises

Sane Financial Books

Sane Bookkeeping for AIMM Clients is a full bookkeeping service that specializes in the contracting industry, with particular focus on clients who use AIMM’s management and estimating software.  We only utilize Quickbooks Online and any other program that integrates with it.

Our strength is in evaluating your current situation and helping you implement the systems you need to get the management information necessary for you to manage your company.  We can do all or part of the work and we’ll spend time training you as needed.

Our team has a combined experience of over 25 years in doing bookkeeping for contractors.

  • A free evaluation and plan to implement a management-oriented bookkeeping system
  • Account setup
  • Chart of Accounts and bookkeeping re-organization
  • Reconciliations
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable 
  • Payroll
  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Reporting 
  • 1099s
  • W2s
  • Workers Compensation and General Liability audit
  • Training
  • Evaluation and plan – FREE
  • General bookkeeping services $65/hour
  • Workers Comp and General Liability audits $85/hour
  • Subscription plans (price varies on company size, number of transactions and number of accounts)
    • Monthly plans starting at $500/mo + price of software 
    • Weekly plans starting at $150/wk + price of software


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“Working with AIMM has been such a game changer for us. I’ve been wanting answers for my business for a long time. Since we started working with AIMM, our return on investment has been huge. We went from having a decent top line revenue but the profit wasn’t there, to really understanding our numbers. Most importantly, we’re profitable now. ”

Dave Misterly & Alison Mack
Aqualife Ponds

Tansform Your Business
Transform Your Life

Take the First Step

The Plan – Learn the reasons behind contractors not developing a plan to move forward.

Pipelines – Learn about a missing part of pipelines.

Wrong Answers – Using faulty logic gets wrong answers.

The Lie – There is a basic falsehood in all estimating systems. learn what it is and a system that does not contain the lie.

Going Forward – How to use all the above to move your contracting business toward your goals.

The 5 Key Ingredients to Success Workshop

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